Miniature food

Hey ! So now I am doing miniature food with clay, and I LOVE IT !! How did I waited soooo much to do this ??? I don’t know.


Anyway, I sell my stuff here, please go check it out !







Je vend ce tableau 80 euros, me contacter par email si intéressés 🙂

Shy but Super Cute !

Hey ! I found one of my old drawings by searching in my external hard drives. And I found this one. Isn’t it super cute ?

I made it to help everybody improve themselves in public speeches. It is a very important thing to do in my opinion. Especially for oppressed groups.

I think a lot of people are afraid to speak in public. They are afraid to be ridiculous. But that is not important ! One thing I have learned, is that it is OK to be ridiculous sometimes. It is OK to not know what to say. But If you don’t take the chance to speak out for yourself, nobody else will.

EMPOWERMENT !! vintage_typewriter_avatar_by_kezzi_rose-d6zt6ve

News !

Hey ! I massively updated my Redbubble account, so feel free to check it out !





I spend my day watching SO CUTE items on Etsy… I look for miniature furnitures for dolls. You know, I love BJD dolls. How can I resist to this ?  By seing this it makes me want to draw and paint !



The Etsy Shop Here



Victorian Portrait

I love Victorian and old fashioned portraits, don’t you ? This one, I made in because I went to visit a beautiful museum in Paris, Le musée de la vie Romantique. I really love this museum. It was the house of Ary Scheffer, and he knew a lot of very famous artists.

pink_diamond_avatar_by_kezzi_roseWere can you buy it ?pink_diamond_avatar_by_kezzi_rose