I create a Diorama * Je crée un diorama

Bonjour !

J’ai une nouvelle passion : créer un diorama d’une boutique. Cette boutique est un peu étrange, car c’est une épicerie, mais entourée de fleurs ! J’ai voulu rassembler toutes les choses que j’aime. J’aime la pâtisserie, le jardinage, la créations, les poupées. Quoi de mieux que faire un diorama ?


I have a new passion: create a diorama of a shop. This shop is a little bit strange, because it is a grocer’s shop, but surrounded with flowers! I wanted to gather(collect) all the things which I like. I like the cake store(pastry), the gardening, creations, the dolls. What of better than to make a diorama?


Miniature Hamburger



2 Euros more for others parts of the world.

I accept Paypal.

scale 1:12 AND can be used for Pullips, Blythes and dolls with mini bodies.
Hamburger with fries and soda. The kit comes with the bread, the banana, the plates, and all the miniature food on the table.
The table and the chairs are not for sale.



échelle 1:12 peut être utilisé pour les Pullips,  Blythes et poupées avec des petits corps.

Hamburger avec des frites et du soda. Le kit est vendu avec le pain, la banane, les assiettes et tous les aliments miniatures présents sur la table.

La table et les chaises ne sont pas à vendre.



If only if only…


I just had a thought. If this guy was magically Poe’s father…

And if Jyn was somehow magically Poe’s mother, who married the man above…

And then had a child named Poe… then that explains how Poe became the best pilot in the world…

And is also born with so much sass.

Keep in mind, this is just my cute fluffy wishing. 😉 


If I see one more person refer to female led movies as “feminist propaganda” I’m rioting. Women are half the human race and half the audience of popular media.

There are 6 Star Wars movies and an infinite amount of extended universe material with a male lead, but it’s “forced equality” for Rey and Jyn Erso to be the leads in the most recent movies?

There’s already a Ghostbusters movie with men, so why is it such an enormous problem for a female remake that provides role models for a whole generation of little girls to exist? Even if you don’t like it personally, have you considered that you might not be the target audience this time around? The new version doesn’t erase the existence of the original, it’s still there for you to enjoy whenever you like.

Men already have so many movies with male leads, so why do a large number of them feel the need to complain and belittle the few movies which actually have strong female leads that women can identify with?

It comes down to the fact that when you’re used to popular media catering for you and people who look like you, equality feels like oppression. If you’re so desperate for movies with male leads, then there are only several million for you to choose from, I’m sure it won’t be too difficult for you to find something.

Redbubble Meeting in paris

Hey !


On monday I went to the redbubble meeting in Paris. It was really great ! We met a part of the team, and they were really nice. They gave us two of our works, so we can show them around us, and really see the quality of the products. Conclusion ? The quality is really nice !