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My name is Emilie, I am a french independant Illustrator. I like drawing of course, but I like taking pictures too. I photograph my dolls, I collect those things. I like cooking and baking too. My favorite pâtisseries are the lemon pie, the Paris-Brest and the Fraisier. Yummy 😀

I am now a student, in order to become a social worker.

But, as I said one of my hobbies is to collect dolls, and miniature things for dollhouses. It is quite an obsession. I just love how I can create my own little cute world.

I started this passion few years ago, when I was just dreaming about having my own Ball Jointed Doll. These dolls are very expensive. So for a long time, I was afraid to own one. And one day I bought my first own Pullip, and that was the beginning of the real things !

Collectors will understand me. Once you have one, you need to have the others. Month by month, my passion was growing. First I tried to make miniature clothes, but that was not MY thing. One year ago I decided to dash into the creation of miniature food with self-hardening clay. I use also Fimo clay, and some other ones. But I really prefer the self-hardening one.

I wanted to make this post to share my passion, and hope you will enjoye my work !


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